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    People enter therapy and counselling for many reasons and my aim is to build a warm, supportive and objective relationship in which you can feel able to share the difficult feelings and anxieties that might be holding you back in your life.
    Here are just a few of the reasons why you might be considering psychotherapy:
    bereavement and loss,
    depression / anxiety / panic attacks,
    reaching a ‘crisis’ point in an area of your life – not being able to cope,
    repeating patterns of behaviour,
    the feeling that something is wrong, but not knowing what it is,
    low-self esteem / confidence,
    feelings of anger/ frustration/ aggression,
    relationship difficulties,
    eating disorders,
    traumatic events / sexual / childhood abuse
    A session is likely to involve a conversation that encourages curiosity in any aspects of your self that you might struggle to express and where appropriate makes use of the arts, creativity and the imagination to support this journey.
    I work with adult clients of all ages and backgrounds, confidentially and without judgement.
    I offer both time-limited and open-ended therapy.
    Why use the arts?
    Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate what might be the problem; to find the right words to express what you need to say or even remember. The arts offer a way of being able to process feelings in a safe and contained way.
    There is absolutely no requirement to be artistic to benefit from this way of working, and I will fully support you in finding confidence in using the materials available and respect your decision to decline. Sometimes using imagination alone is enough.
    I have a very open approach to what might be of benefit and would encourage you to bring along poetry, literature, paintings and music to our sessions for us to look at together if they have meaning for you.
    I welcome all enquiries and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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