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  • March 14, 2012 11:01 pm
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    Yes to Life

    Yes to Life is a UK charity providing information and support to people with cancer in taking an integrative approach to their treatment; one that allies the best of Complementary and Alternative Medicine with orthodox approaches.

    Most conventional cancer treatments work by killing cancer cells. This approach helps many, but does nothing for the damaged immune system that allowed cancer to occur in the first place. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer typically aims to support the body and to rebuild the immune systems that are nature’s sophisticated inbuilt mechanism for controlling malignancy. Those that aim to directly target cancer cells, do so without further degradation of the immune system. But in cancer treatment there are few certainties. No medical discipline has all the answers. Many, however, have some of the answers. So increasingly, people want to try to pull together all the available resources to create what is now termed an ‘integrative’ programme of treatment – one that allies the best of CAM approaches with conventional medicine – to give themselves the greatest chance of success. They want choice and are looking for support from their doctors and therapists in finding their own way through the intense challenges facing them.

    Yes to Life’s purpose is to provid people with information and support when their lives have been thrown into chaos by cancer. Everything the charity provides is free, and includes:

    1. HelpCentre services: a help line, patient grants for a Cancer Options personalised report and for CAM treatments.

    2. Searchable on-line directory of CAM treatments and practitioners linked to cancer type

    3. Wellbeing Workshops: workshops for people with cancer on non-toxic lifestyle choices.


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